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Copier RFP

The Last Page, Page 10 should be marked "Exhibit A".
Questions and Answers
  • Letter D. under proposal instructions mentioned a proposal number. Do you have that number?
    • Disregard the proposal Number.

  • Do you have a walk-thru scheduled so we can see your current fleet of copiers?
    • Currently no walkthrough is scheduled.

  • Could you please provide the current models of copiers and the age of each of each?
    • Canon irADV-6055 B/W
    • Canon irADV-c5051 Color

  • Are you needing saddle stitch finishing to make booklets?
    • No.

  • How long have you had these models?
    • 4 Years

  • What is the average monthly volume usage of each copier? b/w and color.
    • B/W: Average 20,000 per month per machine B/W
    • Color: Average 2,500 per month Color, Average 4,500 per month B/W

  • Is the color copier the only model that needs fax?
    • Yes

  • Do staples need to be included?
    • Yes


  • Do you have a buyout on the your current lease that should be factored in with the proposal?
    • No

  • Who is responsible for returning current fleet of copiers?
    • Our current provider.
  • Where can I find the Exhibit A – Proposal Form?
    • The Last page of the RFP. Page 10.

  • On the Heavy use model, it says up to 80 ppm. Would you accept a 75 ppm or a 60 ppm print speed without penalty. The 60 page per minute would be sufficient for the 20,000 per month volume you are currently running.  Current Canon Advance 6055 model is 55 pages per minute. 
    • The PPM range is as stated "up to..".
    • PPM could be a factor of consideration under "Quality and reliability of the equipment and services offered".

  • What are you currently using for Cloud Printing?
    • We do not currently have cloud printing.

  • Does Rogers ISD have a form for vendors to use, or should vendors create their own statement form?
    • The Last page of the RFP. Page 10.