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Math Fact Support for Teachers and Parents

At Rogers ISD, our goal is for ALL students to master basic facts. Here are some resources to help!
If you have any questions, please contact Becky Ralston, Curriculum Coordinator, or your child's teacher. 
Video: Fact Mastery through Strategies: Part 0 - WHY Strategies?
ADDITION & SUBTRACTION FACTS - Support for Teachers and Parents
Did you know that basic addition and subtraction facts are introduced in Kindergarten & 1st grade?  Students are expected to be fluent by the end of 2nd grade.
Videos:  Addition Strategies Overview Part 1
               Addition Strategies Overview Part 2
                 Addition Strategies Overview - pdf of organizer used in overview videos
               A Deeper Look at the Counting On Strategy for Teachers and Parents
Check out our STUDENT FRIENDLY ADDITION STRATEGY VIDEOS on our student pages.
 Printable Resources:
               Number Line Model
               Doubles Mat
               Blank Double Ten Frame
               Filled Ten Frame Cards
               Blank 100 Grid
MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION FACTS - Support for Teachers and parents
Did you know that multiplication and division facts are introduced in 3rd grade? And, students are expected to be fluent by the end of 3rd grade!
                      Multiplication Overview Part 2
Multiplication Songs YouTube Playlist
                             Memorization and using a Skip Counting pattern plays an important role in developing AUTOMATICITY (quick recall).
                                    This can be especially helpful for facts that take several steps to re-derive using strategies, such as x3s and x6s.
Kakooma - Fact Practice Game (addition & multiplication)
This game is available through GregTangMath.com as an online game, an app for tablets or smartphones, or as a printable game.