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Addition Facts for Students

You can master the basic facts!
 Check out these videos to see strategies for knowing and remembering your basic facts.
Video: Count On  
Video: Count BACK (Coming Soon!)
Video: Near Neighbors (Coming Soon!)
MODEL: Doubles Mat 
Video: Using DOUBLES for Near Doubles (Coming Soon!)
Video: Using DOUBLES for Middle Doubles (Coming Soon!) 
Video: Make TEN Perfect Partners of Ten (Coming Soon!)
Video: Add a TEN - Place Value Patterns (Coming Soon!)
Video: Make TEN And (Coming Soon!)
Video: Break TEN (Coming Soon!)
Video: GAME - I Have, You Need
          This game helps you master Partners of TEN and Use Partners of TEN to reason about larger numbers.
          Resources: (visual models to help students develop skills and strategies)
                    Filled Ten Frame Cards
                    Blank 100 Grid