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Multiplication & Division Facts

You can do it! You can master the multiplication and division facts. Check out these videos for strategies to quickly figure your facts.


Start with some basic skills.

x 0   and x 1   ~ Tell a Story

x 2   ~ Double

x 10 ~ Place Value Shift

Modeling Multiplication with an Array 


PRACTICE basic skills.

Practice x 0

Practice x 1

Practice x 2

Practice x 10

Practice x0, x1, x2, & x10 Putting it All Together!

Now that you have the basics down, let's try some more!
x 3    ~  Double Plus One Set (Compose for 3 Sets) (Coming Soon!)
x 4    ~  Double, Double (Coming Soon!)
x 5    ~  Five is Half of Ten (Coming Soon!)
x 9    ~  Ten Sets Less One Set (Decompose for 9 Sets) (Coming Soon!)
Ready for more?
x 6    ~  Use the Other Factor (or Compose 6 Sets) (Coming Soon!)
x 7    ~  Use the Other Factor (or Compose 7 Sets) (Coming Soon!)
x 8    ~  Double, Double, Double (Coming Soon!)