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College Admission Process

Make sure you check in advance to see what the requirements are for the college(s) you want to attend. This can be found by calling the college's admission office or going online to the college's website. 


Below is a brief overview of the college admissions process:

1. Take the required college entrance exam (ACT, SAT, TSI) and have the score report sent to the school(s) by the testing program. 

2. Complete the appropriate application:

  • For Texas public universities, students complete the application online at
  • For some Texas private/independent colleges and universities, students can fill out the online application at
  • For all other schools including junior colleges/community colleges and out-of-state schools, students can access applications on the school's website.

3. Arrange to have your transcript sent to the school. You must request the transcript in the counselor's office and please give a minimum of 3 days for processing time. Do not wait until the day before your application is due to request a transcript to be sent as colleges require that all documentation be in their possession by the deadline. 

4. Apply for housing by completing an application obtained from the school's website. It is imperative that you go ahead and secure housing (i.e., fill out the application, pay the deposit, etc) so that you are assured you have your choice of where you want to live. If you wait until the last minute, you may have to take whatever housing choices are left. Check with your school's housing office, but most schools will refund your deposit should you choose not to attend that school. 

5. Start the financial aid process by completing the FAFSA (see website page on Financial Aid for more information or visit with Mrs. Jungmann if you have questions).

6. Notify the school you will attend and the schools you decided not to attend by the posted deadline. 

7. Arrange with Mrs. Jungmann to have a final transcript sent after graduation. 


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